Judge Mitchell for Los Angeles District Attorney – Public Service is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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    • Restore public safety as priority number one in LA County.
    • Repeal "No cash bail".
    • Ensure that there is a fair and just consequence for every criminal act.
    • Address the problem of addiction (essential to reducing crime and homelessness).
    • Create a hate crimes task force to protect community diversity.
    • Re-establish a positive working relationship between the DA and law enforcement.
    • Revitalize the DA's office through internal reforms.
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    There is only one candidate that has served the people of Los Angles for 45 years – as a Judge, prosecutor, teacher and founder of the Skid Row Running Club. This service and experience will make all the difference.

    Los Angeles is in crisis. This crisis cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all system of justice. I will put our citizens first. As your District Attorney I have the experience and compassion to work with law enforcement, our Deputy District Attorneys, and criminal justice reform advocates to implement common sense policies that punish those who commit crime and make our city a safe place to live.

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    Judge Craig Mitchell started the Skid Row Running Club for people recovering from addiction and homelessness in Los Angeles. Today, the group includes runners from all walks of life.
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    Judge Craig Mitchell running for LA County DA

    Judge Craig Mitchell has served LA County for more than four decades, and says he wants to see changes in the criminal justice system.

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    Longtime judge Craig Mitchell running for LA County DA

    Craig Mitchell, a longtime judge, is leaving the bench to run for LA County District Attorney.

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    A Skid Row Running Club Empowered This Incarcerated Ex-Gang Member To Restart His Life

    Kelly Clarkson chats with Judge Craig Mitchell, a teacher-turned-judge who founded the Skid Row Running Club, a running program in downtown Los Angeles that empowers addicts and ex-cons to make positive life choices by focusing on their health. Two of the club's participants, Rebecca and Rafael, share their stories and explain how the club has made an unbelievable impact on their mental and physical health.

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    SKID ROW MARATHON trailer | 2017 LA Film Festival | June 14-22

    From his seat as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Craig Mitchell hands down sentences to convicted criminals. But at the Midnight Mission on LA’s Skid Row, Judge Mitchell trades his robes for running shoes, leading a long-distance running club that gives its members a sense of purpose and pride. A budding artist, a single mom and a former rock musician are among the members, all of whom are fighting their way out of homelessness, addiction or the prison system. Through the streets of LA and around the world, Judge Mitchell and the Midnight Mission runners truly approach each race and each day one step at a time, as they run their way toward a brighter future.

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    Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Skid Row (Clip) | HBO

    Jon Frankel interviews Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell, founder of LA’s Skid Row Run Club, which helps individuals with drug and alcohol abuse recovery - a lifeline for many, especially during the pandemic. #RealSports is all-new this month on HBO. #HBO #RealSports

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